Sail numbers, blue, red, yellow, orange and fluo inserts are accompanied by white dacron, sack closures, zip handles and webbed shoulder straps. The Riviera line is shaped by the drift alphabet and knows the road that leads to the sea.

A road that becomes a path, a beach, a shoreline, and then returns to a road, dotted with beaches and seaside villages, runs on the beach and swims in the waves, afternoons on the boat and drinks by the sea before sunset.

Bags, beach bags , pochettes. Life on the coast wants no more. Because the Riviera smells more like a holiday than a travel one. You enter and exit the water, light as the tides chasing each other on the sand. It takes very little to be happy on the coast. The sun high in the sky, a swim in the sea and a sail bag to entrust with the necessary, but also a little superfluous.

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