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Come ogni buon marinaio, teniamo traccia di quello che succede intorno a noi.

Sostenibilità, Ispirazioni, Collezioni e Novità

3 ideas for Valentine's Day dedicated to sea lovers

Sea, romantic views, and original gift ideas for a Valentine's Day all made in Liguria. From the Gulf of Poets to the Genoa Lantern, by boat or from the mainland...

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Organize and decorate your home with sea-inspired accessories

This is the best time to give a touch of newness to your home. Find out how to furnish and decorate in a nautical style in an original and sustainable...

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10 sustainable gift ideas for sailors and sea lovers

Is there a perfect gift for those who love the sea? Forget the usual obvious choices, dedicate 3 minutes to discover the best ideas for those who cannot do without...

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Sustainable Gadgets for Corporate Gifts: Discover Artisan Sustainability

In a world increasingly oriented towards sustainability, investing in sustainable gadgets is a smart choice. For corporate events or to surprise your customers and collaborators with eco-friendly gift ideas, our...

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What have we done with all the sails recovered to date

A recap of our products, from 2012 to today, including bestsellers and secret models that we have never shown

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Art meets sustainability: an incredible artistic and ecological collaboration at the grand finale of the Ocean Race in Genoa

The Ocean Race Gran Finale hosted an extraordinary collaboration between Marco Nereo Rotelli and "Rivelami", highlighting the link between art and sustainability. A recovered sail was transformed into a work...

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Waves of sustainability: the magical world of recycled sails

There is a silent harmony between the wind and the sea, an endless dance that has inspired generations and daring navigations. But what happens when the sails that once proudly...

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Perché le vele riciclate sono sostenibili

Le vele riciclate sono considerate ecosostenibili per diversi motivi: 1. Riduzione dei rifiuti: Utilizzando vecchie vele per creare nuovi prodotti, si evita che questi materiali finiscano nelle discariche o nell'ambiente,...

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