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Free Shipping Europe from order €200
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WHAT A KITE! Wings... not sails

How the first KITE capsule collection by Rivelami was born, made with a sail, or rather wing, of a Kitesurf

Since 2014 we have been recycling sails from boats of all kinds, we have made poufs with Optimist sails and bags with 100-foot Maxy Yachy sails, we really range between many sail sizes.

At the beginning we had some windsurfing sails, but unfortunately very little material could be recovered.

We arrive in 2020, the first weekend after the lockdown, a very special period, we leave for Lake Maggiore where part of our family is. Call a friend, Monica, and begins like this: "I have a sail (actually wing) of my Kite, to which I am really attached, but I can no longer use it to glide on the waves ... I would like to give gifts to special friends, you can help me?"

There was no need to think about it, and after a few minutes we already had the kitesurf sail in the trunk of the car.

Once in the laboratory, we open it and we are immediately struck by the colour, the grit, the great desire for wind that this sail contains, and then the sand! Our sails usually have salt on them, but this one had Brazilian sand stuck in the seams... And how often do you find yourself in a shed in Mandello del Lario with grains of sand from an infinite Brazilian beach!

We started cutting it to be able to wash it and choose the pieces to make some of our models such as the Cabine Bag , the beauty bags, the pochette and the Jolly Pack , which we had to review in Kitesurf.

It was a new challenge, which we enjoyed a lot, so much so that we presented it as a preview on our social profiles in the Thursday live event. You can watch the video again by following the links we indicate at the end of the article.

This first capsule collection was a success that filled us with joy, which is why we decided to continue this new adventure and officially invite all Kitesurf lovers on board to give your Ali a second life! Are you a Kiter? do you have a kite school? Now we can do something for you !

To review the preview click here

Hang Loose!🤙

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