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Organize and decorate your home with sea-inspired accessories

This is the best time to give a touch of newness to your home. Find out how to furnish and decorate in a nautical style in an original and sustainable way.

January is the perfect time to give a touch of novelty to your home, winter may seem cold and grey, but with the right decorations and accessories, you can create an oasis of warmth and serenity. Imagine decorative cushions with nautical motifs that transform your sofa into a welcoming beach or blankets made with fabrics from recycled sails, enveloping you in an embrace of comfort and eco-sensitivity. What's better than sea-inspired accessories from Rivelami?

In this article, we will discover how you can create a marine atmosphere in your living space with style and sustainability.

Silvia Ronchi in the foreground on a blue background

"I graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 2002 and until 2015 Architecture and interior design were my profession. I followed the creation of prestigious seaside villas, homes in the city with large lofts and highly organized studio apartments. The management of space has always been an exciting challenge for me. Today, when I design an object made with recycled sails, I put its functionality in the foreground, enhancing it with a new and sustainable aesthetic."


Bring the sea into your home

Color is the first element that guides us in choosing decorative elements and accessories to organize our home. The Pantone® color palette proposed for 2024 is really interesting, a friendly mix of tonal color combinations that includes two variations of the pink, orange, blue-green and blue families, paired with harmony and liveliness.

We find the colors of the sea: Bermuda, Baltic, Nautical Blue and Little Bay Blue combined with the colors of sunsets, pink beaches and corals. Now that we have the trending color map for 2024, let's see 4 easy ideas for decorating and keeping order with eco-sustainable Rivelami products in recycled sails

marine fauna fish and corals in Pantone 2024 colours 4 images of the sea in the shades of Pantone 2024 colours


Home decoration

Paintings with sails

Hanging a painting is an important choice and if your desire for the sea and sailing has led you to search the web for "paintings with sails" you will surely have come across an infinite presentation of paintings depicting the sails of boats, some very beautiful it is true, others less interesting. Prints, watercolours, oil, blow-ups, all with the same subject interpreted in very similar ways with the most disparate price ranges, even if for the most interesting pieces you need to have a budget of at least a few hundred euros.

Google image search page

I am equally sure that you will not have found a painting with real sails, I do not mean a realistic representation of the sails, but real sails that become paintings.

Over the years we have recovered hundreds of sails to transform into our products, but there is a part of these sails that is difficult to insert into the bags: the pen (the top tip) and the bosses (the two bottom corners). Sometimes, these parts are the richest in detail: hand stitching, leather reinforcements, uniquely designed stainless steel hardware, measurement certificates, the date of the sails and the measurer's signature. These are all details that make each sail unique, they represent its history and the many miles sailed

wall with paintings made with original sail parts

This is how the Rivelami Private Collection was born, works of art inspired by the wind and the sea. Each painting is a unique piece because it is composed of a part of a sail which has been given a second life. The minimal hand-painted wooden frame brings the details of the sail to the foreground, the absence of the background panel increases the three-dimensionality of the painting, making the sail emerge from the two-dimensional space of the frame. The measurements of the frames adapt to the portion of the sail kept, allowing you to create different combinations on the wall

Visit the private collection and choose the sailing artwork for yourself


The Pillows

A living room without cushions appears bare and unwelcoming. Cushions are an important element to give character to your home, as well as making the sofa more comfortable.

There are no precise rules for cushions, but some good practices will help you choose them in the best way:

white and blue pillows on gray sofa

How many cushions to put on the sofa?

If the sofa has 3 seats, place at least 3 cushions, or a few more, positioning them starting from the armrests and continuing towards the center. The important thing is that the cushions are always in an odd number

What size to choose for sofa cushions?

The standard measurements of the cushions are 40 x 40 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 60 x 60 cm. If your sofa has a compact seat, I recommend using medium-small cushions, but if your sofa has a very deep seat you can also insert a larger cushion.

How to choose the color of the cushions?

Imagine your sofa as a canvas to paint, for your new cushions you can choose tone-on-tone combinations, or dare with contrasting colors to make your living room more bold, the important thing is to choose colors that create harmony. If, for example, your sofa is gray you can combine cushions in shades of blue, or create a contrast of color with yellow or red.

To obtain a marine style, decorate your living room with Rivelami sail cushions, choose from the available combinations

gray sofa with colorful cushions in sail fabric

Home organization: keeping order in an easy and sustainable way

Keeping order is not always an easy task, especially if the spaces are small, in this case order is the only way to have livable spaces and if you have lived even just for a weekend on a boat you will have noticed it too .

There are 2 occasions where having order is truly a challenge: among dirty laundry and where there are no support surfaces.

In the first case, if for reasons of space you too do not have a well-equipped linen where you can keep dirty and clean separated, you will have to equip yourself with a basket to keep in the bathroom, to keep dirty clothes away from prying eyes, the basket laundry should have a bag closure or a lid.

Eco-sustainable white laundry basket made with white and blue sails

Laundry basket

Rivelami created a laundry basket using the fabric of 2 different sails: the first sail used was recovered from a Perini Navi Superyacht, its significant thickness and robustness means that the basket does not lose its shape. The second recovered sail is in Nylon, a soft and light fabric that allows for a practical bag closure. On the bottom of the basket, the PVC mesh allows ventilation, avoiding the formation of bad odors

In case you don't have the possibility of having shelves or storage units, hanging organizers are a valid help for keeping order.

Hanging storage rack

Unique in design, sustainable in materials is the Dondo by Rivelami. Inspired by sail clews, this hanging storage rack allows you to hold items with just one support point. Dondo is also perfect on a boat, with its "rocking" that follows the movements of the hull, it safely stores your personal items. You can hang it near the bed to place a book, glasses and those sweets you can't do without, or use it in the bathroom for toiletries.

Dondo is made with different colored sails, have fun matching it to your room

storage or pot holder hanging near white railing

Do you want to make your home even more marine? Discover all the original and sustainable home proposals made exclusively with recycled sails, from the LIVING line by Rivelami


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